At Couch Master (Upholstery Cleaning Sydney), we specialize in Fabric Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney. We offer several unique cleaning methods developed by our cutting edge team to ensure the best possible results on a multitude of delicate natural fibers and woven fabrics. Attention to detail, patience, and expertise are critical when working with these delicate upholstery fabrics. Best upholstery cleaning services in Sydney. Regardless of the fiber, weave, construction, or type of fabric protectant that is applied, soil will inevitability accumulate on your fabric. Bacteria from the decomposition of body oils, perspiration, and food can permanently damage or discolor fabrics. The sooner the stain is addressed, the better the chances are for a complete removal of the stain. Flipping a cushion after a spill or stain occurs, only increases the likelihood of a stain setting and becoming a permanent eye sore. Couch Master (Upholstery Cleaning Sydney) cleaning made simple.


Upholstery Cleaning​ Services Sydney

It can be difficult to keep your sofas, recliners, and dining room chairs clean. No matter how hard we try, dirt, grime, and stains always have a way of appearing on our upholstery. When you want to remove these scuffs and marks, it is always a good idea to go with a professional upholstery cleaning company. Attempting to do the job on your own with household cleaning products could lead to further, and possibly irreversible, damage. For the best upholstery cleaning services in Sydney, look no further than Couch Master (Upholstery cleaning Sydney).

Lounge Cleaning Services

When you're looking for local upholstery cleaning services in Sydney, look no further than Couch Master (Lounge cleaning services Sydney). You may be focused on cleaning your carpets, but be sure to remember that the upholstered furniture in your home needs to be cleaned as well! Think about your sofas, love seats and chairs that get a lot use and need to be cleaned, just like your carpets and rugs. And if you have pets and children, your upholstery suffers and needs to be cleaned even more.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that your sofas and upholstered chairs can become just as dirty as the carpets on your floor? That’s right! Dust, bacteria and even mold can grow on upholstered furniture. Your couches and chairs might also be absorbing unwanted odors and residues. Falling behind with your upholstery care can be damaging to both your upholstery fabrics and your health.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Bring your carpets back to life with our magic wand. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services. A colorful carpet can add a lot to any room: a touch of color, the comfort of not feeling the cold floor underneath one's feet, a cozy feeling and a symbol of personal taste. Carpets have been around for thousands of years, serving both as an ornament and a means to keep the house warm.

There are many upholstery cleaning services in Sydney so what makes us different from the rest?

Bring new life back to your rug & carpet

Over the years, Couch Master Carpet Cleaning (Upholstery Cleaning Sydney) has become a household name when it comes to carpet cleaning in Sydney. We are the number one carpet and upholstery cleaners that uses green and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and techniques.

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You can just give us a call at 406-894-776 and we assured that our team of trained and experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning service providers will take care of you.

We are certified and above industry-wide standards – and we do all this to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers.


Your Carpet Smells.

All sorts of pollutants, debris, food and drink spills, as well as pets, can cause your carpet to smell. If you notice a foul or damp smelling odour in your carpet, you should contact Couch Master (Carpet Cleaning Sydney) for carpet cleaning before it leads to carpet damage or harm to people in your household.

People in your house are suffering from allergies more.

Carpet fibres don’t only absorb dirt and dust, they also attract pollen, dust mites and pet hair. If there are people in your household who are prone to allergies and are reporting more symptoms than usual, such as sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, skin irritations or a runny nose, then the problem could be your carpet. Speak to Couch Master (Carpet Cleaning Sydney) today about how professional carpet cleaning can help ease allergies.

Your carpet looks different.

You probably chose your carpet based on its colour and design, but the appearance can be affected by dirt, wear and tear. If you want to bring your carpet back to life and restore its original look, then it’s time to contact the carpet cleaning experts – Couch Master (Upholstery Cleaning Services Sydney).

You can’t remember the last time your carpet was professionally cleaned.

Has it been more than a year since you engaged a carpet cleaning service? If you can barely remember when those carpets were last cleaned, you might want to contact Couch Master (Carpet Cleaning Sydney) to give them a long overdue clean. Regular carpet cleaning is important to maintain the appearance and integrity of your carpet, and to keep it free from pollutants and allergens.

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Whether you require an expert carpet or upholstery cleaning service, we are the specialists who will help you successfully resolve your situation. Serving clients in Sydney, we offer viable solutions to homeowners and businesses who want to enjoy a cleaner environment. With Couch Master (Upholstery Cleaning Sydney), you will receive exceptional services.

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Couch Master (Upholstery Cleaning Sydney) Cleaning is your one stop professional cleaning services for all your needs. We are Quick to Quote, Reliable & Test the Fabric Before We Start. Couch Master (Upholstery Cleaning Sydney) will offer you a quick, hassle-free quote and recommend tailored services based on your specific needs. The most reliable and trusted commercial cleaning services in Sydney. We cover surrounding areas including Blacktown. Dee Why. Penrith. Redfern. Surry Hills. Kirribilli. Lansvale. Cronulla. Bondi Junction. Leichhardt. Palm Beach. Willoughby. Crows Nest. Liverpool. Bonnet. Greystanes. Quakers Hill. Centennial Park. Chatswood. Claremont. Cremorne Point. Darling Harbour. Darling Point. Double Bay. Dover Heights. Newton. Mosman. Manly. North Sydney. Penrith. Tamarama. Vaucluse. Willoughby.